The Studio Story

Operating for over 20 years, The Underwater Studio emerged as an innovative solution for underwater filming, boasting a purpose-built tank that became a canvas for cinematic masterpieces. From iconic franchises like Harry Potter and James Bond to the performances of musical legends such as Kylie Minogue and Take That, our studio contributed to the magic of storytelling.

Now owned and run by a whole new management team comprising of Roy Taylor, Anouska Taylor, and Leonard Woodcock—veterans in the film industry- the studio’s success and innovation in the film industry is set to continue well into the future.

Roy Taylor, known for his passion and originality as a professional Stunt Coordinator, brings an unparalleled understanding of both the business and artistry in film and television. Anouska Taylor’s history in coordinating departments ensures the seamless orchestration of productions, while Leonard Woodcock’s decades-long experience as a stunt performer, head stunt rigger and coordinator offers invaluable insights into industry demands.

Together, this trio embodies a commitment to elevate Mayflower Studios. Their vision extends beyond mere renovations; it’s about transforming this space into a safe, modern hub that empowers producers, actors, crew, and the industry as a whole.

With a comprehensive plan for transformation, Mayflower Studios is set for a remarkable revival. A large car park ensures smoother access, while a new structure over the underwater tank promises improved working conditions and enhanced access. But that’s just the beginning.

Plans are underway for a brand-new structure—a dry studio that doesn’t just facilitate filming but also serves as an educational hub. Collaborations with local and national institutes will nurture future talent, offering courses vital to the film industry’s growth.

Mayflower Studios is not just a place for creating cinematic marvels; it’s becoming a catalyst for the industry’s future, fostering innovation, education, and unparalleled creativity.